AirCap is a wireless sniffer.

It will capture 802.11 trafic when you are not associated to a remote wireless device.

This tool will display the access points but also the stations connected to it.

Although all frames are dump to a cap file (which you can open with iptools or wireshark), for now, only beacon and probe frames are parsed and displayed.

A later version may include association and authentication frames.


To do so you need a compatible chipset / driver combination.


Know supported chipsets are :

Atheros,Agere,Broadcom,Realtek 8180,Cisco.


If you driver is not supported, you may find it here:


Beware that using one of these drivers you may not be able to associate to an AP anymore.


If you dont know what chipset is running on your wlan card, you may find it here:




Author: Erwan

Download : Here